Mars Isn't Planet B

Cold, barren, and lifeless, the Red Planet is no substitute for the Blue Marble.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Water In A Destabilized Climate

Once dependable water sources are growing more volatile in a destabilized climate.

Gigatons: the Measure of Climate Change

To understand the gigaton is to understand the impact humans are having on the planet.

Unrecognizable Earth

How a handful of human generations have transformed the surface of the planet.

The Climate We Grew Up With Isn't Coming Back

We can't return to the climate we knew, but we can prevent an unbearable future.

The Ancient Roots of Modern Extinction

Extinctions marked by human influence are not new. They began in the stone age.

Mountain Time

How mountain belts travel through time and around the globe.

The Future of 35 Million Years Ago

The climate of the near future may look like the distant past.